Xqisit BT iE200 Magnet Bluetooth Headset Review

So here we have the Xqisit Magnet Bluetooth Headset review. These earphones have some great features. All it takes is one click to pair them with your device and if you need to take them off the magnetic caps allow you to snap them together so you can leave them comfortably around your neck. This also can stop and pause your music and answer or end a phone call just by connecting the magnets together. Then alongside these great unique features the sound of the headphones are great so you would definitely not want to leave your house without these.

Buy Here – https://www.xqisit.com/index.php?prod…

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Masione Half Mechanical Keyboard Review 2016

Here we have a look at the Masione Half Mechanical Keyboard and give it a quick review. This is a great keyboard if you cant afford a full Mechanical Keyboard but want the feel of one. Each key has its own initial switch but then they share a backplate which regular mechanical keyboards dont. Its Waterproof and has 7 Adjustable Illuminated lights and is a Multimedia Pro Gaming-oriented keyboard. Please subscribe and share the videos and lets raise some more money for some great charities.